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  • AECS | Automated Entry Control Systems

    The ECSI Entry Control System regulates the passage of authorized vehicles and personnel into restricted areas by confirming and issuing badges, PIN’s and/or biometrics. For further control of vehicle access, RFID tag readers or Automated License Plate Readers are deployed.

  • FOIDS® | Fiber Optic Intelligence & Detection System

    Purely optic. Electronics are not used in the field. Works on fences, walls, and even in the ground. It has a staggering range of over 60km. using single mode fiber optic cable. Advanced algorithm processing at central control permits remote audible alarm assessment and reduces false alarms to the lowest levels in the industry.

  • IPID® | Infrared Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

    The Architectural IPID system provides dependable security barriers of pulsed infrared beams to create multiple detection zones with a range of up to 1000 feet. Our solid state electronics are not affected by environmental conditions and will alarm only if an object breaks the 3.54” diameter beam more than 98.5%. Standard IPID

  • FLS | Flight Line Security

    FLS was developed to protect high value assets for aircraft parking areas, igloos and flight lines at air bases. The system is comprised of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) proven and certified technologies.

  • RDIDS | Rapid Deployable Intrusion Detection Systems

    IPID® light-weight sensors mounted on a tripod for rapid and deployable application. Applies to transitional and temporary site requirements for physical security of safety and asset protection.

  • Day/Night & Thermal Imaging Cameras

    High resolution sensors for clear, sharp imagery and uniformity of picture. Delivering a smooth transition between extreme temperature differences. Camera ranges up to 21Km (13 miles), our Day/Night Thermal Cameras integrate with our intelligent video motion detection system to provide a layered approach to perimeter security.

  • IVMD | Intelligent Video Motion Detection

    Delivers a range of capabilities including Motion/Non-motion Detection, Cross-Line/Path Detection, People Counting, Static Object Detection, Presence Detection, Directional Motion, Object Removal/Placement, Speed Detection, Loitering Detection, Scene Switch and License Plate Recognition

  • Radar systems designed for detection and tracking of vehicles, humans, and drones. Provides continuous 360 degrees coverage and incorporates Pulse-Dropper and FMCW techniques to obtain the range of the received object. Watch Video

  • WISE® | Water Infrastructure Sensing Equipment

    WISE monitors water quality of drinking distribution systems to detect evidence of chemical, biological, and/or radio-logical contamination. WISE results in reduced labor hours, laboratory costs, and chemical treatment costs, through remote data communication, monitoring and reporting.

  • IDMS® | Interoperable Device Management System

    Our open architecture system allows integration of new and legacy systems, providing the ability to monitor and control systems simultaneously through one easy-to-use interface. Comprehensive integration of security systems with analysis, status and management information and reporting capabilities.

Security and Anti-Terrorism Systems

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