• CPTED – Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  • Posted warning signs & regulations

  • Routine and random check points

  • Highly visible routine and random patrols

  • Strict access control protocols 

  • Mobile check posts (where applicable)

  • Gate complex management

  • and more…


  • Long, Medium and Short-Range Radar systems

  • Presence sensors 

  • Electro-Optic devices

  • CCTV

  • Video analytics

  • Mobile Surveillance Unit (MSU)

  • Check points

  • Gate Complex management

  • Smart Fences/Walls

  • Sonar – Offshore and coastal

ECSI has extensive experience engineering perimeter security solutions for a range of critical infrastructures such as sea ports, airports, law enforcement, energy, water and other utilities. We deploy the four pillars of security to protect people, information and assets from being compromised, using physical security measures design to deter, detect, and delay unauthorized persons while allowing for effective response and recovery.

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  • Barriers

  • Fences/Walls

  • Roundabouts


  • Sounding of an alarm

  • Turning ‘ON’ of lights

  • Security dispatch 

  • Smoke screening

  • Lock-downs

  • Other procedures

Security and Anti-Terrorism Systems

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